My name is Katie, I’m pet trainer and work alongside my co-stars, my beautiful if sometimes stubborn Bull Terriers who are a credit to the breed and great ambassadors. Dogs and my other pets have helped me gain further unique insights into canine mentality and its effect on them as well as myself, they have literally helped me work around and sometimes through my neurological disorder: I have Asperger Syndrome an autism spectrum disorder. Increasing my confidence and human communication skills to enable me to fulfil my dream has been helped not just by my 2 children but by my dogs, observing them closely has gained me great experience in canine social skills and taught me early on that dominance and pack leader are consigned to the myth section of the dog training library. My work takes me all over the UK and abroad, often involving 1:1 and group sessions based on individual needs and requirements and sometimes bespoke pet dog & puppy training, plus occasionally residential dog training. I can also give email and phone consults and organise dog talks and seminars in the Bristol area of the UK. I’m an honest and realistic trainer trainabull.com verypets.co.uk

I don’t practise or advise the outdated ‘dominance’ or ‘pack leader’ techniques. I prefer to use science based and self motivating methods which produce real long term results not the quick fixes people so often desire. Clicker training is one of these methods but I don’t always use a clicker as an event marker and I don’t always use treats to reward: play, affection, car rides etc can all be used to reward a desired behaviour.

I’m fully qualified with the ADTB and belong also to the APDT (USA full member), The Pet Professional Guild, The Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals AABP, the BIPDT and CABTSG. I’m also a fully qualified Canine First Responder Instructor CFRI#12. Plus I’m working toward Kennel Club Accrediation for Dog Training & Behaviour.

Learning doesn’t stop when you leave school and it certainly won’t with me: I might have AS but this means its easier for me to understand animals than it is humans but I try really hard to get behind the psychology of the humans I deal with to reach a better perspective of the troubles facing owners and their dogs. I have 2 diplomas (one as a Gold Level Dog Training and Behaviour Instructor ADTB and a Diploma in Dog Psychology dip-dog-psy) and working towards my third in Canine Science. Plus I’m about to enrol on a FdSc then will study at BSc. I attend and host seminars and talks whenever possible including TTouch with Sarah Fisher, Clicker Training with Kay Laurence and more. I really do enjoy researching about my favourite animals-dogs and once I have earned my BSc in Animal Behaviour I get to work with my other favourite creatures, horses! I recently won a full scholarship to the Harvard of dog training…the Academy for Dog Trainers1 Being mentored by one of the biggest names in the industry is both an honour and a thrill for me!

I write articles for Bull Terrier Monthly and am working toward publishing my first book in the near future. I’m behaviourist for Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in Bristol which is proving a steep curve yet rewarding training staff as well as dogs.

I also run an award winning pet-sitting company Very PETicular Petcare which means I get to see other types of pet during my working day as well as dogs! Have a look at my website verypets.co.uk for more details on this highly rewarding line of work.

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