Cha cha changes

Please hum the tune of Changes by David Bowie while reading the title.

Me again. I’m trying to make my life a bit more simple. Currently I run the training from one website and the pet-sitting from my other site

Sooo without wishing to be a pain in the rear, I’m gong to ask everyone to bear with me while changes happen. Charley at is working on a new logo for me and I’m starting to shift things over to verypets. I’ll have to get new workwear printed and stationary re-done and change logo’s on the free stuff etc etc but long term it should make life easier.

Basically I don’t just work with dogs and I don’t train just dogs! Cats, chickens, hamsters, donkeys, rabbits even pigs have been trained by little old me. Why not have an umbrella company which prospective clients can look at all the services and make their choice rather than sending them to trawl through another website (nice as it is)!

I’m looking forward to being back under one roof, it’s come full circle. I started out like this all those years ago…my eclectic brain got the better of me and chose to experiment and split the business and thus trainabull was born. Only there is some confusion as whether I train bulls (think cows) or balls (think round objects). So anyway here I am again at yet another crossroads making a decision which will cost me more than budget allows and may change my mind. Again.

Happy Jubilee everyone, hurrah, pip pip and all that.

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