Zoopharmacognosy: Another way forward for dog & animal training?

Today I once again had the pleasure of watching Caroline Ingraham working with her plant oils on a dog. This dog was a 4 month old SBT cross puppy surrendered to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in Bristol with demodectic mange infesting her entire body and was going septic from lack of veterinary intervention. Caroline has previously worked with my own dogs so I  have seen her work first hand. Caroline is a zoopharmacognosist; zoo-animal pharma-medical cognosy-self. In other words Caroline helps animals self select the secondary compounds and oils they need. Having worked with Sarah Fisher of Tilley Farm UK TTouch team, Wood Green Animal Shelter, Battersea Dog Shelter, Horseworld and many others including overseas, Caroline has amassed over 25 years of experience with this fascinating subject and gained a considerable reputation.

Caroline at Holly Hedge

Having first met Caroline earlier this year when I invited her to join in at an event I hosted, I have since introduced her to Holly Hedge where I’m behaviourist. I’m so interested in this subject, it’s natural, non aversive and helps with physical and behavioural problems at a chemical level so is grounded in proven science. Hopefully Caroline can teach me more. Much more. I have applied what little I have learned to my dogs, a recent foster Bulldog and with clients dogs too, mainly on dogs with Separation Anxiety symptoms with amazing results. So is this another way forward for the positive training movement? Should more research be done?

Have a look at Caroline’s video’s on her website Ingraham.co.uk and see for yourself what an awesome topic and way of working with animals this is. Incidentally, the puppy we worked on today showed improvements after just an hour and her hot skin had already begun feeling cooler to touch. The compounds we left should be enough to make her feel more comfortable and work on her immune system from within, helping her to recover and maybe not need pharmaceutical products at all. Staff at the sanctuary will monitor her and of course treat her mange topically immediately as required.

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